WebDesk 2.1

Web browser protecting employees

The biggest strength of WebDesk: simplicity and reliability.

A web browser optimized for employees safety, concentration: simplified experience, white list of sites, download management, customizable toolbar, favorites management and more.

Our customers are located around the world, and they love our solution for many reasons. The primary one is the ability to protect employees in a couple of minutes.

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    Version 2.1.1 Requires Windows 10 or later versions (64 bits only - Intel or ARM).
    You might get a security alert because the installer is not code signed (it's not a reliable way on Windows to avoid virus). We compile the app on a PC with latest versions of Anti-Virus.
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Easy to try, easy to buy

WebDesk 2 is very affordable as we want companies to deploy it for most employees. We have amazing discounts based on quantities.

After downloading and playing with the trial version, you can unlock all features by purchasing a license

Features WebDesk for Windows WebDesk for Mac
Platform Windows Mac
Compatibility level Windows 10 or + macOS 11 or +
Optimized Windows 11 Ventura
HTML engine WebKit Engine Safari WKWebView
Toolbar editor
Default URL
Password for preferences
URL control (white list)
Customizable user interface
Manage favorites (optional)
Send email from the app (optional)
Disable printing (optional)
Block downloads (optional)
Search engine options
Custom User Agent

WebDesk 2 for Mac
One time payment
No recurring subscription

A license purchased for Windows
is not compatible and vice versa
WebDesk 2 for Windows
One time payment
No recurring subscription

A license purchased for Mac
is not compatible and vice versa

Number of licenses 2 3 to 10 11 to 50 51 and +
Discount in percentage -20% -35% -45% -55%

Discover WebKiosk

A web browser for internet kiosks
Full screen experience, advanced features to block access to Windows features.

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